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Headshot for Savvy
Headshot for Savvy


Age: 13

From: Maryland

Sign + Dance Along With Savvy!

Savvy was born deaf and uses American Sign Language to communicate. Signing and dancing has been a part of Savvy’s life since she was 2. Savvy is proud to make a difference in the lives of deaf children by sharing her passion of music with them. She loves that being a KIDZ BOP Kid gives her the opportunity to give deaf children more access to music and dancing!

Viral Sensation!

When Savvy was 9, she went viral for signing to Carrie Underwood and ended up getting 10 million views in under a week! She got to meet and sign with Carrie, which made her love performing even more! 

Brain Power!

Not only does Savvy use American Sign Language and English, but she is learning 5 new languages right now – French Sign Language, Thai, Hebrew, French, and Spanish!

Favorite Singers:

Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Ariana Grande, and more!